Container Growing

As the name suggests, container growing is the process of growing plants, vegetables and flowers in containers. While this may seem simple, there are several things that you should consider when growing something in a container. You can use just about any container, it is wise to avoid using containers that have narrow openings. It is also a good idea to use a wooden box of some sort. If you use plastic boxes or containers, it is important to know that they will eventually deteriorate in the sunlight and therefore the plants will not grow. Also there are certain types of wood that you should avoid as well when making your containers. Redwood and cedar have a tendency to rot quicker than other woods.

Your container should be able to hold between 15 to 120 quarts. Pots that are too small may restrict the growth of the plant and if you use small containers, the plants are more likely to dry out. Also, if you are using a container that is smaller in size you should restrict the number of plants that you place in that container. Small containers should hold only one to two plants. If you live in a hot climate, the containers should be a light colour so that it does not attract as much heat and therefore it won’t dry out the plant as quickly.

You can use clay pots for container growing, but you must remember that they are porous and water will be lost through the side of the pots. Therefore you must keep the plants well hydrated in clay containers. It is also a good idea to put these pots on bricks, as this will allow for proper drainage from the pots. These pots should be monitored closely for water loss.