Garden Fencing

The type of garden fencing you use depends on the type and size of your garden. If you have a small flower or vegetable garden near your home, you do need to have a fence around it to keep out animals that may dig up some of your plants, but it doesn’t need to be very high. It also serves to accent the garden itself and enhance your landscaping.

Some of the types of fencing you can use for small garden plots include wood fencing, border fencing and patio wall fencing. Each of these depends on where you have the garden located because you want to show it off to in the best way possible.

Wood fencing for the garden can be a privacy fence with lattice boards, so that visitors can still see into the garden. The lattice fencing can also serve as a windbreak or a support for climbing vines. You can plant flowers out around the fence to really enhance the look of the wood. You can also create an arbor and use thick garden twine to provide a support for the taller plants.

Border edging is a really versatile option as a garden fence. These edgings come in wire and cast iron and you can use cedar shakes or blocks of redwood to create curved borders. With this material, you can create fences of different styles and shapes.

A metal trellis can be used as garden fencing when you have the garden directly off your patio. Climbing vines will grow to intertwine around the trellis and provide a natural looking fence. This is called creating a patio wall to use as the fencing.

Farmers have always used fences to provide the boundary lines of their gardens and to keep out unwanted pests, such as wild and domestic animals. The most traditional fences were simply wood posts set at regular intervals and joined by lengths of wood. Picket fences were also used. These fences have small strips of wood nailed to boards spanning the posts. The tops of the strips are pointed, hence the name “picket fence”. Barbed wire was another method of fencing used, but this use is rare today for gardens.

Most of the fences built around gardens today are made of high tensile wire. This is because the farmer doesn’t need to have as many fence posts between the lengths of wire and metal or wood spacers can be used to keep the wire from dropping. It is also safer for any animals that may try to get into the garden because the wire does not stretch and the animals will not become entangled in it.