Garden Hand Tools

There are some essential tools that are a needed for any gardener no matter what their experience level is. These garden hand tools can provide basic functions and at the same time assist in making gardening much easier. Some basic hand tools are needed no matter what the level of work is that needs to be completed.

Tools that are used to cut grass, leaves, and trees are very important in gardening. Some of the common cutting tools include pruners, loppers, shears, mowers, and axes. Pruners are short handheld tools used for precision cuts such as trimming a hedge or leaves from tree. Loppers provide a similar function to pruners, but have longer handles to reach further than arm's length. Mowers are important to trim grass and keep a lawn looking new and clean. Axes are very useful to make cuts in larger materials such as tree stumps.

Digging is also an important part of gardening whether it’s to plant new flowers or to clean up an area. Weeders are useful for getting rid of unwanted pests in the lawn and to get to the root so they don't grow back. To make digging or clearing the soil easier, you can use tools such as spades, forks, and rakes. You can use planters and short tools such as bulb setters to add plants or flowers to the soil.

Of course after the garden has been trimmed and flowers planted, there will still need to be a great deal of work done to take care of all things growing. For the lawn, a garden hose is a must to keep the lawn consistently watered and looking green. For plants a watering can is very useful, especially any plants that may be higher up like hanging baskets.

There are other tools that you can use to help make your gardening experience much easier, but with the tools above are basic, but very effective. They will help to keep your garden clean and looking bright.