Hydroponics is the art of growing plants without soil. This is great when you live in a place where the climate does not permit the growing of flowers, plants and vegetables outside in the soil. For the most part, hydroponics is used by people in greenhouses and by homeowners who wish to grow plants quickly and easily.

Plants grown using the method of hydroponics still require nutrients. However, these plants are not able to get their nutrients from the soil and therefore they must be supplied. Supplying the nutrients for these plants can become complicated as it does require various chemical elements. When creating the nutrient solution you must ensure that it is neither too high nor too low in acidic value.

There are two main techniques used to grow plants using hydroponics. The first one is through the use of a static solution culture. In this method plants are grown in containers just as mason jars, buckets or tubs. A nutrient solution is applied and a hole is cut in the lid in the reservoir for each plant. There may be more than one plant per reservoir. When the nutrient solution runs low more may be applied to the plants. There are ways of creating homemade containers for plants as well. The second type of hydroponics method is one in which there is a continuous flow of nutrients to plants as needed. This is the harder method to control, as the solution will flow constantly past the roots of the roots.

Hydroponics is used in various places around the world where climatic conditions do not make it possible for plants to grow on their own. Israel is one such place. Due to its arid climate, Israel has developed advanced hydroponic technology. Growers in this country have since begun to market their equipment on a global market. Thus, many people find that hydroponics the preferred way to grow plants because they cut down on many of the problems encountered when growing plants naturally. One major problem that has been eliminated is that of controlling pests and bugs. Also, when growing plants through hydroponics you do not have to deal with the elements of nature, which may cause your plants to die.